U.S. Notary Association, and its affiliate, U.S. Notary Finder, was founded by a group with experience in the Signing Service space, as well as decades of experience in mortgage, marketing, and banking. This includes years of experience as a notary performing general notary work as well as mortgage loan signings. We wanted to create a place that would connect notaries and consumers for all manner of notary work.

U.S. Notary Association is the most convenient and efficient way to make these connections.

Our goal is to create a marketplace where services are requested and offered directly between the parties involved. U.S. Notary Association collects no fees from any transaction. The negotiation exists between the notary and the consumer.

We are proud to present to the consumer the most professional notaries offering their skills and services within their local communities. Our site makes it easy to identify and communicate with these professionals. Our notaries are responsible for performing not only as an objective witness to the signing of a document; in most states, they are responsible for ensuring that the signer is executing the document willingly. Most importantly, they have the knowledge to ensure that the identity of the signer can be verified per the state law where the signing is taking place.

Connecting these skilled and professional notaries with customers requiring these services is now just a click away.

At U.S. Notary Association, we offer a wide array of notary products and services.


Notary listing 

Notary Listings

Our free "Find a Notary" service provides the ability to search for notaries by the street address or zip code of the signing location. Notaries are listed by their proximity of the signing location. Additional filters can be applied to narrow a notary search by specific signing types or to search for notaries that speak additional languages and more.


Notary Membership

Notary Membership

A U.S. Notary Association membership provides each member with a Notary listing accessible using our Find a Notary service. Membership also include a personalized web page, an signing appointment calendar and ongoing training and support. We are currently working to include secure credential storage and sharing as well as U.S. Notary Association certification.


Notary Training

Notary Training

We have both a general Loan Signing training and state-specific Online Notary Training available on our supplies page. E-Notarization and Remote Online Notarization training, as well as additional detailed Loan Signing training are being developed and will be available in 2020.


Notary Supplies

Notary Supplies

We have everything you need to support and maintain your notary career. From notary stamps, embossers and notary journals, to printer ink and business cards, U.S. Notary Association is your one stop shop for notary supplies.


Notary Community

Notary Community

U.S. Notary Association has blogs and forums available to allow our members to communicate with each other to create an environment of assistance, collaboration and growth. Technology and Innovations, Tips and Tricks and In the News are just a few of our helpful forums. We welcome your posts and your blog comments.



Notary Essentials

Make the most of your notary career by maintaining essentials such as a surety bond, errors & omissions insurance and a current background check. U.S. Notary Association will soon be offering our own proprietary notary certification as well.


Our notaries can assist you with any type of signing need.


Loan Closings  Loan Closings

Find notaries that are trained and experienced in the finalization of all agreements between the buyer, seller and lender for mortgage and other loan closings.

General Notary Work  General Notary Work

Search for a notary experienced in working with travel, financial and estate documents including wills and trusts. 

Reverse Mortgages  Reverse Mortgage Signings

Search for notaries that are trained and experienced in the Reverse Mortgage application and Reverse Mortgage closing process.

E-Docs and Remote online notarization  E-Docs and Remote online notarization

Find a notary that is trained and certified (where applicable) in Electronic Document Signings and Remote Online Notarization. 

Structured Settlement  Structured Settlement

Find notaries near you that are trained and experienced in the notarization of Structured Settlement documents.

Time Shares and Vacation Rentals  Time Shares and Vacation Rentals

Search for a notary that is experienced with and understands the requirements  of Time Share and Vacation Rental signings.

Auto Loan Signings  Auto Loan Signings

Find a Notary that has experience finalizing Auto Loan documentation, including VIN and odometer certifications. 

Hospital Signings  Hospital Signings

Find a notary that recognizes the rewarding yet complicated process of patient signings within a hospital, nursing home or rehabilitation facility.

Wedding Ceremonies  Wedding Ceremonies

Find a Notary experienced with performing weddings and civil matrimonial ceremonies (where permitted by the applicable commissioning body).

Immigration Signings  Immigration Signings

Find notaries that have a clear understanding of the requirements and limitations of assisting immigrants in the completion of immigration documentation.

Oaths and Affirmations  Oaths and Affirmations

Search for notaries with experience in witnessing and acknowledging the swearing or affirmation of truth in a statement.

Jail Signings  Jail Signings

Search for a notary that understands the requirements and challenges of notarizing documents at a correctional facility.

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