Happy Valentine's Day from U.S. Notary Association

Love is in the for our awesome opportunities as mobile notaries! 

Here are ten things to love about being a mobile notary:

1. Meeting new and interesting clients. So many stories!

2. Meeting and learning from some of the top professionals in the mortgage and real estate industries.

3. Being your own boss.

4. Working from home.

5. Discovering new neighborhoods traveling to my jobs and assignments.

6. Controlling your own schedule and income level.

7. Mentoring new mobile notaries.

8. Being on top of new opportunities and technologies. Remote Online Notarization is here in some states!

9. Being an active member of a vibrant notary community and your local community.

10. Increasing your knowledge base with different types of jobs and signings.

What do you love about this opportunity? Comment on our blog - we love hearing from you. If you have not signed up yet for U.S. Notary Association, click here to join for free!


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